Mark Breen-Klein is a biomedical engineer and artist living in the greater NYC area.  His passions for science and nature have led him to work with zoos, museums, nature reserves and research facilities.  Mark began researching ways of preserving animals several years ago so that the natural wonders he adores can live on and continue to educate even after death. 


About the Diaphonization process:

The blue and purple animals in jars have been preserved through a process called diaphonization.  This technique uses chemicals to make the skin and muscles of an animal become invisible while staining the bones and cartilage so you can see them.  The animal is then suspended in glycerin.  This allows you to see how the bones and cartilage of an animal actually sit inside the tissue without removing or damaging them. 



All of the animals utilized died of natural causes. Animals are sourced ethically from breeders, pet donations, educational facilities, and discards from taxidermists.

No creatures were harmed in the making of these pieces.